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A&R Data-driven analysis and support via our own Bigtime Artist Platform

We market recorded music and corresponding music videos. We are proud to engage in a wide range of functions leveraging our Technology platform solutions.  Created to help assist in these complexities for artist's in the music industry.

So what we do is New artist recruitment and development (A&R, which stands for artist and repertoire - and we have built our own A&R services solutions for the industry - making it faster to support our clients needs), music publishing, and copyright enforcement with the following Digital Label services:


New Artist Recruitment

A&R Development

Music Publishing

Copyright Enforcement



Stock Management

Sync Licensing

Rights Management

Reporting (sales & analytics)


Music Sales

Album & CD Sales

DSP Promotions





A&R Analysis

Career Development

14,000 Industry Contacts

We have given artist new tools to launch their careers in ways never seen or thought possible, some of these projects with our clients have been represented in many famous media and news publications worldwide.

Being a DIY independent Artist is a lot of work to handle yourself, hence why Label services have moved to the forefront of the industry. Moving further away from the traditional label model, where you become a crazy rock star - slaved to the industry, with no say in your music or future thereof.

With Digital Music Distribution being widely accessible for independent artists worldwide, the industry is shifting into a music revolution. Therefore, Label services make it easier for a DIY Artist to manage the entire diversification of your portfolio, allowing you to have a conclusive team to manage all the critical areas one person couldn’t possibly manage. As artists ourselves we know how hard and exhausting it is to be a DIY Artist, hence why we have built our platforms over the last 5 years to support and help you, the artist. Not only have we personally experienced these challenges, but we have seen many friends i.e. bands and artists go through very sad life-changing situations.

While it is wonderful being a DIY Artist, running the business side and being a creative talent, along with being engaged simultaneously at a high level so that you keep the pulse on your brand and songwriting, getting to market through all the effect channels without any major complexities or legalities on the way to being heard on the radio or performing on stage, can be the hardest and most draining process. We have seen that the average run rate for a DIY Artist until they terminate their potential career is any where between 18 months to 3 years. Where you throw in the towel for good.

99% of Artists fail to understand the business, the required contracts and papertrail needed for your songs,music, career and moneytization properly secured, to give yourself the runway to launch and sustain a career doing what you love whilst making money. 9 /10 Artists, truly don't understant the music industy prncliples of how the money is made, or then collected, reported on and paid out, or where to go and get this help when needed.

We’ve helped so many artists out of many complex situations, where for example, no one had producer agreements, songwriting agreements, contracts, signed paperwork, spent 100 000's of thousands, and then were stopped distributing their music due to "double-dipping," or not even owning the master copy afterwards. There are so many challenges to being a DIY Artist, it is a real minefield, it’s almost like being an Architect, Builder, Plumber, Electrician, interior designer, note to self - never having studied in those trades! No knowledge of what needs to get done once you’ve attempted the build! Even if you are lucky to get the foundations level, you then have to attempt to try to sell what no one in their right mind would buy, mortgage (bank loans), or sign required building certifications or regulations over to the other party. Your building inspectors would probably have locked the site up before you even started the build!

This is why we are like no other business out there, with all kinds of references and industry experience to show many years of hard work in helping all sorts of people out of these very stressful situations. Along with our own experiences. You can also register for FREE and submit your music to Our A&R Team for further support and assistance in your career. You can of course work with us on a closer 1 - 2 - 1 consultancy engagement with our label services team via our packages on offer from the "BUY NOW" Menu of the website.

Our artists love what we're doing!

"I had to get my copyrights back, learn how royalties worked, learn how publishing works, and I did that because I met BigTime Radio!"

- Jen Lilley, Recording Artist and Hollywood Actress


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