Bigtime Global Store

  • RadioAMP: Radio Airplay & Radio Reports
  • Radio and Radio Apps for your fans to listen to your track live on air
  • Radio Plugging Solution - Radio Plugging with Reports (save time sending emails and look professional when sending out tracks to radio stations)
  • Digital Radio Scanner - Track your radio plays & earning reports: 160+ countries & 40,000+ radio stations
  • Free access to Radio Apps on iOS, Android & Amazon Echo - no subscription fees for you or your SuperFans
  • Radio Interviews
  • MusicAMP: A&R Stats and Self-Promotion
  • Distribute - Track your Sales & Earning Reports: 160+ Countries & 220+ DSPs & Social Media Platforms
  • Playlist Self-Promotion - start with 8,000 curated playlists & up to 2m plus free tools & reporting stats
  • Market directly via your own Store (Merch, Vinyl, Tickets & Tours)
  • Graphically Track & Analyse, KPIs & Metrics (Radio, Distribution*, Playlist, Social Media & Sales/Royalty Reporting)

  • *even if you distributed via a 3rd party
  • SuperFanAMP: Build Your SuperFans, Connect & Sell Direct
  • Artist SuperFan Website (Discography, DSP Links, Social Media Accounts, Streaming Platforms, Unique URL, Press & Your Own Store)
  • Link Amplifier
  • Artist QR Code Digital SuperFan Builder
  • BigtimeAMP Fan VIP Lounge
  • Bi-Directional Fan<>Artists Communication & Social Media & Playlist Tracking
  • Live Performance Funnel Fan Builder (Festivals, Gigs, Tours & Events)
  • FanzAMP: Social Music Platform
  • Fan Dashboard & MusicHub
  • Fans engage directly with favourite artists
  • All social media platforms
  • Follow any artist with a Spotify presence
  • Access to your VIP Lounge
  • Exclusive access to artist offers & merch
  • FestivalAMP: Live Festival Solutions
  • Global search tool to find gigs/festivals
  • Mobile-friendly festival solutions for fans to find and follow you
  • FanGrowth - Automatic QR Code fan invite to your VIP Lounge
  • FanTracker - engage directly with VIP fans who have posted on social media
  • Festival Music Lineup Solution
  • Personal QR Code solution for SuperFan engagement
  • DistAMP: Free Unlimited Music Distribution
  • Fast distribution to 220+ DSPs
  • Sales & Royalty reporting
  • Analytics & Insights for each DSP
  • Total control from within your Dashboard
  • ToolAMP: Dashboard Tools & Services
  • AI Artist Dashboard Tools
  • AI Album Artwork & content generator
  • Music Industry global search tool
  • CareerAMP: Education & Music Protection
  • Education & Development - 1 to 1 Coaching
  • 19 industry templates to protect you & your music:
  • Producer, publishing, band, audiovisual protection
  • Income booster - up to 30% referral revenue

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