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"I had to get my copyrights back, learn how royalties worked, learn how publishing works, and I did that because I met BigTime Radio!"

Jen Lilley, Recording Artist & Hollywood Actress

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"After 8 years touring with Nelly Furtado and even opening for her on occasion, I launched my own music career and have been on Radio, Film and TV Shows.. I'm stoked that everything I need to move forward with my career is under one umbrella with BigtimeAMP."

Celia Palli, Recording Artist & Songwriter

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"Hi I'm J-2-3, I've been an Artist in the USA for over 10 years. I've worked with the likes of Rich YounglordKay Franklin  and others within the A&R side of the business. Big Time Global has strengthened my knowledge and awareness, they’ve given me an Artist home for the first time in my career. I feel very secure and empowered within the music business as a creator with Big Time Radio."

JXXIII, Recording Artist & Songwriter

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